18 lip smacking local buka puasa foods for the spiritual munchies

Originally posted on KL Kush:

by Chai See Kit

Happy Ramadan. Dealing with a spiritual kind of munchies, i.e. abstaining from food, smoke, and all temptations from dawn till dusk can be a little bit taxing. Especially when confronted with all the delicious mouthwatering food one can find at the Ramadan food markets.

But without temptation, there would be no Ramadan. So here’s a kind of random 18 buka puasa lip smacking local delicacies for the spiritual munchies. With pictures!

1. Dates a.k.a. Buah kurma

Dates a.k.a. Buah KurmaThis is the most basic of buka puasa foods. It’s a holy appetizer.

2. Sugarcane juice a.k.a. Air tebu

Sugarcane juice a.k.a. Air tebuQuench your supreme spiritual thirst with a sweet glass of Air Tebu.

3. Keropok lekor

Keropok lekorDelicious when eaten hot and fresh. If it’s been out for a while before buka puasa, it will probably not be so hot and fresh.

4. Roti John

Roti JohnNo one knows the John in Roti…

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