Red Shirt Rally

Red shirt rally organised by National Silat Federation (Pesaka) after been given green light by KL Hall City to use Padang Merbok. The rally held on Malaysia Day in the federal capital in response to the Bersih 4 rally held late last month demanding that PM Najib Razak step down over a financial scandal.

Thousands of people are attending a rally in Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, in support of the government and was call for respect for ethnic Malays. Security has been increased around Chinese areas of the capital, while many Chinese-run business have remained closed.

The irritated protesters, who demanded entry into Petaling Street, so that they could march to Padang Merbok, hurled stones and bottles, hitting several policemen. Police fired water cannon to disperse red shirt protesters in front of Kota Raya
after they turned unruly.



Peaceful rally lasted for 32 hours that began August 29 and ends on August 30 which saw a sea of yellow surrounding streets. The trigger of Bersih 4.0 after demolition to the amount of money stored in the personal accounts of Malaysia Prime Minister, Najib Razak.

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OctTwtFest 2012

#OctTwtFest is a yearly event, to gather as many Twitter users as possible to come together, right now, and socialize in one place. Keyword being “socialize”. This year OctTwtFest is about socializing. Let’s put the social back in social media. They say those who are very active on social media are anti-social in the real world, well that did not happen last year, and to make it better this year we have expanded the venue and we are going to provide more hangout and lepak spots.
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